Laurence (Lola) Coone BSC (hons), dip psgd
Garden designer

Black dahlia garden design - Lola Coone

I came into gardening from a very early age, with parents and grandparents showing me the way.

After moving to London, I realised that I had 2 loves: designing and gardening. What appealled to me with these was the discourse between the client and I, getting to know them and understand their needs and also their ideals.
I studied garden design at the Pickard School of Garden design located in the Garden Museum.

I have a love for sharing seeds from my garden with friends and explaining how nature works ( always busy inventing new propagation experiments...) and I love making cuttings (I own a Begonia coccinea from a cutting from my great grand mother from the South of France, the begonia is now 2 meters high and cuttings have now been passed on to my dearest friends)

Gardening is a passion which I love to share, it makes me a happier person and the happiness seem to spread as fast as virginia creepers..

My favourite plant is the Chimonanthus praecox  ‘Luteus’  (Wintersweet)

Robin Primrose Erithacus rubecula - PHD

Black dahlia garden design

I like being around Lola and Tim when they are gardening and i like worms.